Wessex Vehicle Services also manufacture specialist bodywork including Street Lighting vehicles for utility companies, Walkthrough Delivery bodies and race support vehicles.

  • wessex vehicles wast collection vehicle

    Waste Collection Vehicle

    Vehicle is used for specialised waste collection and features from mounted pod, dump-over tail-lift and removable tilt cover.

  • wessex vehicles flat bed

    Platform Body

    7-metre platform body with manual rear pull-out, fall arrest, fall-arrest and all London complement features.

  • Motor Sport Support Vehicle

    full living facilities.

  • Mobile Command Unit

    Mobile command unit built for UK Power Networks featuring onboard generator, satellite communication and fully functioning office.

  • Generator

    26 Tonne Generator vehicle for Scottish & Southern Energy.

  • Car Transporter

    26 Tonne Race car transporter featuring double deck car area+ full office to front of vehicle.